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October 23, 2021 Sabah In History
FEBRUARY 16, 1931  .
October 16, 2021 Sabah In History
(Sunday, February 12, 1967).
October 09, 2021 Sabah In History
JUNE 1ST, 1938 The Acting District Officer, Interior, visited Tambunan early in the month to hear a case of alleged murder as Sessions Judge.
October 02, 2021 Sabah In History
16th Dec. 1938 (Extract from Herald of December 1, 1888) HIS Excellency the Governor has been pleased to grant a free pardon to Tambarang who has taken the oath of allegiance and the reward offered for his apprehension is hereby cancelled. The following is an extract from Mr Wheatley’s report of Tambarang’s submission:- “On 22nd ultimo, I met over 500 persons from the interior Papar at the fair, and amongst the number was Tambarang the notorious headhunter. I did not arrest him as it is against the custom to arrest or create a disturbance at a fair and besides the chiefs of the interior brought him down to take the oath of allegiance to the Government so I trust that H.E. the Governor will approve of what I did.
September 25, 2021 Sabah In History
(Extract from Herald of December 1, 1888) From Report for Third Quarter of Magistrate-in-Charge, Province Keppel, Mr J E G Wheatley, INTERIOR TRIBES. Jaludin the chief of Nabai, and other chiefs from the interior of Kimanis paid me a visit and I gave them the rewards granted to them by the Government and they went away very well pleased.
September 18, 2021 Sabah In History
1ST JUNE 1938 During their short stay at Jesselton, the sports experts of tthe MV Herald had only two football games against local combinations and had to be content with, being the "second best" each time. As the Herald is scheduled to visit Jesselton at intervals, we expect to have the pleasure of entertaining them at other games during their latter calls.
September 04, 2021 Sabah In History
Friday, March 31, 1961 JESSELTON, Thursday – The Government will not only encourage the teaching of Chinese language in our schools but also strengthen and improve the standard of Chinese, Mr Muir, Director of Education, told the members of the Boards of Management and the teachers of three Jesselton Chinese schools last night.
August 28, 2021 Sabah In History
Nov 16th, 1938 ON the 29th August, Pangeran Shabandar of Padas Damit sent across an armed party consisting of six police, several chiefs, Patih the fratricide and followers amounting to 34 men and after capturing Pah Si Buas, his son, and Si Buanar, pulled down 7 houses, in the district of Palapawan.
August 21, 2021 Sabah In History
AUGUST 3, 1938 THEY are in a way funny people, these river folk (orang sungei) found in Kampong Kuamut (Kinabatangan). They are of whom undoubtedly the best types are to be not happy unless they have a boat or two to worry about. I remember that when I had to cross B.N.B. in December 1936, it was a difficult task to induce these fellows to leave behind their gobangs in the farthest ulu of Sungei Pinanga, in fact a reconnaissance trip was necessary in order to prove to them that the watershed towards Sungei Sepulut is actually 3,000 feet high, and to take boats thither would become rather a discomfort.
August 14, 2021 Sabah In History
MARCH 1, 1900  (From Mr Walker’s diary) INGSONG, the man who was killed while defending the office, at Mengkabong, leaves a wife and 7 children.
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