June 17, 2020 Health and Fitness
ZURICH: The World Health Organization on Tuesday hailed a "breakthrough" steroid treatment for the coronavirus, boosting hopes that pandemic deaths can be reduced, but a growing new cluster in China sparked fears of a second wave of infections.
June 04, 2020 Health and Fitness
A malaria drug President Donald Trump took to try to prevent COVID-19 proved ineffective for that in the first large, high-quality study to test it in people in close contact with someone with the disease.
GENEVA: The coronavirus outbreak risks sparking a major global mental health crisis, the United Nations warned Thursday, calling for urgent action to address the psychological suffering brought on by the pandemic.
JOHANNESBURG: An estimated 190,000 people in Africa could die of COVID-19 in the first year of the pandemic and the disease could “smolder” across the continent for years, the World Health Organization has warned.
April 29, 2020 Health and Fitness
It starts with pulling on head-to-toe protective gear. Then comes a brisk walk down a hospital corridor, triple-gloved hands pushing a rattling anesthesia cart toward a door that leads to a frightened patient, gasping for air.
April 27, 2020 Health and Fitness
Back in the early 20th century, the baseball pitcher Walter Johnson confounded opposing batters by throwing the fastest fastball they’d ever seen. “You can’t hit what you can’t see,” they would say.
February 11, 2020 Health and Fitness
A new study led by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists shows how a natural compound found in many well-known and widely consumed vegetables can also be used to fight fatty liver disease.
February 03, 2020 Health and Fitness
BEIJING: A claim by Chinese scientists that a liquid made with honeysuckle and flowering plants could help fight the deadly coronavirus has sparked frenzied buying of the traditional medicine, but doubts quickly emerged.
January 28, 2020 Health and Fitness
I have been residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and mainland China in the past decade. Very often have I been talking to local born and bred Asians who either study or work in Asia or in a native-English-speaking country.
January 09, 2020 Health and Fitness
In 2015, I was living with a Malaysian Chinese flatmate in the United Kingdom. Smiling. Greetings. Smart-causal outfits. Everything from her seemed fair. I took several weeks co-living in the accommodation did I realise some abnormalities from her. She would easily get outrageous, emotional and sometimes very hyper. All these “abnormalities” were, at first, covered by her 10 A*s and 4 A*s scoresheets in Malaysia’s IGCSE and A-levels respectively, alongside her good-looking figure – a promising young lady, as many might conclude.
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