Driving in hot weather: Air-conditioner not always the answer
Published on: Friday, June 28, 2019
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BERLIN: With extreme heat comes tiredness and a lack of focus - sure-fire dangers when driving a car. So what can you do when temperatures start soaring to make yourself more comfortable and decrease your risk of having an accident?

Johannes Boos, a spokesman for German auto association ADAC, says that on hot days there are more accidents, such as rear-end collisions, due to a lack of concentration.

To reduce this risk, drivers should follow some simple tips to better ensure their safety.

"Open your windows and door before driving off and turn on the air shortly after starting," advises Boos. "Only then should you close the windows and turn on the air conditioning."

Though it might be tempting, it is also important not to set the temperature too cold.

"A large temperature difference can affect your concentration, put strain on your circulation and lead to colds and tension," warns the ADAC expert.

For short distances, it makes more sense to do without the air conditioning and instead open the windows, while if you are travelling on longer journeys, you should switch off the air conditioning shortly before the end of the journey and let some air in through the windows.

"This causes condensed water to evaporate and prevents malodorous bacteria and fungi from forming," explains Boos.

If a car is parked in the blazing sun, the interior can heat up to 60 degrees after one hour, warns the ADAC.

Therefore, motorists should never leave children and animals in the car when it is hot, as the situation could become life threatening after only after a few minutes. - TheStar/Carsifu.my

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