Is law school right for you? Four questions to help you decide
Published on: Monday, July 08, 2019

Trying to decide what to do after completing your undergraduate studies? Are you contemplating applying for law school? It’s a big decision, and definitely not one to be made lightly. If you’re struggling to reach a consensus, it might help to take a step back and gain a different perspective by asking yourself the following questions:


1. Why law school? 

Law school is a huge commitment. Besides the high financial cost, it involves three (or more) years of intensive hard work. 

You need to be fairly certain that this is the right route for you before investing all that money and time on a law degree.

Why are you considering law school? Do you have a genuine passion for law, or are you doing it simply because you’re expected to? 

Will you enjoy reading mountains of literature on the subject, day in day out? Knowing why you’re considering law school will give you clarity as to whether it’s a path you should pursue.


 2. What do you envision doing with a law degree? 

Do you want to practise law, or do you see it as a path to a different career? The answer to this will also affect your choice of law school, as some universities specialise in specific areas of law which might be more beneficial for you than others.

If you’re not sure, you might want to research career options available for law graduates. 

This will help you visualise what your dream job should look like and give you greater clarity as to whether a law career will suit you.


 3. Is there a healthy demand for law graduates in the marketplace?

Your answer to the question above will affect the answer to this question, but it’s worth the effort and time doing due diligence so you know what the next few years of expense and hard work will amount to. 

Knowing that your knowledge and skills will be valued in the marketplace will also provide additional motivation for you to stay the course when it gets tough (which it will).

You can easily gauge the market condition by looking through online job ads for law specialisations and also by doing a simple Google search with the terms “job market for law graduates in ”.


 4. Is it a good fit for your personality and career goals? 

Is having work-life balance important to you, or are you a career-driven person focused on achieving specific goals within a certain time-frame?

One way to test your fit with a career in law is to apply for internships or voluntary assignments in paralegal jobs, or clerical positions in legal firms. 

You could also attend career fairs to speak to potential employers, besides interviewing law professionals for insights into what a typical work day looks like. 

If you don’t know anyone who works in law, you could try cold-calling attorneys or reaching out to your university’s alumni network.

It’s always good to have options, but be careful not to get carried away by them. It’s important to strike the right balance between ambition and realism. 

That said, never ignore your gut instinct. If you can’t shake the feeling that law school is the right call for you, you should just go for it! –


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