Simple & Easy Kurma Dates Recipe
Published on: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Your perfect pick-me-up

Nutrient-dense and packed with fibre, energy bites are the perfect pick-me-up any time of the day whether you’re facing a draggy 3pm slump or when you wish to satiate your sweet-tooth cravings without blowing your healthy eating routine.

They’re also great as both pre and post workout snacks, or when you’re in a rush on a busy workday and need to quickly refuel your body. 

They’re easy

These no-bake energy bites are really simple to make as it only requires three basic core ingredients as its base: kurma dates, oats and coconut flakes. Yup, you read that right. Very minimal ingredients with no added sugar!

From this, you can customise the base to however you like, whether it’s by adding roasted nuts, cacao nibs, cocoa powder or even cranberries for a play of flavour and texture. They’re absolutely versatile and you could make a different version every time you decide to make these. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Absolutely good for you

Not only are they easy, they are jam-packed with nutrients yielding a lot of positive benefits for your health.

Just the kurma dates alone offer a wide array of benefits. Healthline.com reports that kurma dates are high in disease-fighting antioxidants, are good for your overall digestive health by aiding bowel movements and avoiding constipation (due to its fiber content) and are great in regulating your blood sugar levels due to its relatively low glycemic index (so you won’t experience those nasty sugar crashes).

Being a source of fructose, kurma dates are naturally sweet on their own, making it a natural sweetener to the recipe, so you are more than free to skip the sugar.

Oats also offer similar benefits as kurma dates, but hosts the additional benefit of being able to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and regulate cholesterol levels.

Convinced? Here’s the recipe:



Basically, they’re just magical

Essentially, energy bites are convenient, portable and yummy.  They’re a great energy hit and a healthier version of a sweet treat. There really is no reason for you to not make these. Why not add some variety to your diet? Try it today!

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