Preparing your body, mind, spirit for Deepavali
Published on: Monday, October 21, 2019
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Fire represents light and it is one of the fine methods used to send an individual’s message to the cosmic forces and banish darkness.
On Sunday, Oct 27, the mother of all Hindu festivals Deepavali will be celebrated —an important day, which marks good over evil.

For Indians, the festival of lights is significant because it is the day the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi find her way into their homes.

There are several tales associated with the celebration but what is important for revellers now is how they should prepare their home, body, mind and spirit to usher the auspicious day.

This week would be the perfect time to prepare your house for the event so that you can benefit from the coming of the energy of light into your space.

Getting the property ready does not means just decorating the house exterior or interior but to give the entire physical structure an uplift.

First, do an audit of your property and check if the facade of your property requires repainting because faded, peeling and blemish paint on the walls, gate, fence and grills may not welcome positive energy flow.

Best to give such structures and fittings a new coat of paint with cheerful colours like orange, rustic, maroon, brown and beige. Avoid using black, blue and grey because they do not promote positivity.

If you have not given attention to your garden, this would be the best time to remove weeds, cut the grass, get rid of dead plants, and probably get some flowering plants which can add liveliness to your lawn.

Remember in Vasthu Sastra creepers and thorny plants are disallowed from being kept in a house because they are regarded as inauspicious.

Next check for broken roof or floor tiles, cracked wall and window panes. If there are such defects, patch or repair or replace them because such imperfections can attract bad energies.

All broken and unused items like electrical goods, furniture, mirror, glass, cutleries and clutters must be removed and disposed.

According to Vasthu, dwellers using broken items will not enjoy goodness because they radiate negative energies.

Cobwebs and dust in a property indicates difficult times to the breadwinner and it must be cleared.

Leaking or dripping pipes must be plugged immediately because it denotes that the master of the house will experience loss of wealth.

It is encouraged to spur the interior with new curtains or a sofa set or with some new goods to woo fresh energies into the space.

After all the fixtures have been given attention, the house should be given a thorough cleaning and washing and this should be performed on the eve of Deepavali. 

Burn incense after the cleansing the house to remove stagnated energies and further purify the space.

Dwellers are urged to place oil lamps in the porch and foyer to brighten up their homes on the eve of the festival. Fire represents light and it is one of the fine methods used to send an individual’s message to the cosmic forces and banish darkness.

On Deepavali, all revellers should rise early and have their oils baths to clean their body and renew their spirit.

Wearing of new clothes is a must on the merrymaking day and bright colours are recommended to woo good spirits. Avoid wearing black, blue, grey and other dull colours which may dampen the festive mood.

Once you have prepared your body for the occasion, next should be to focus to free your mind and improve your sweetness of speech on that day.

One of the key fundamental elements of the festival is to forgive someone for their mistake as such a deed on an auspicious day comes easily and will free your heart and mind. 

It is not unusual for anyone to get hurt by friends, colleagues, relatives or family members at some point of time due to their actions, gestures and words which could be unintentional.

What is more important is to forgive the individual and forget the incident so that both the affected persons can enjoy peace of mind and have a joyful relationship.   

Deepavali ultimate aim is unity and is a time for loved ones to strengthen ties with one another. 

Having open houses and welcoming friends, colleagues, relatives neighbours to visit and treating them to sweets and goodies are the icing for a Happy Deepavali.

Dr T. Selva is the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at drtselvas@gmail.com Facebook: Vasthu Sastra and Website: www.vasthusastra.com

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