BMW car reward for six TCT employees
Published on: Friday, July 17, 2020
By: Hayati Dzulkifli
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Kota Kinabalu: Six lucky employees of a Sabah-based company, TCT Group, have been awarded with an imported BMW each as a reward and recognition for their hard work, loyalty, dedication and huge contributions.

Its Director Dato’ Tan Kar Leong said they are also enjoying promotion, apart from being recognised for serving the company for between 12 and 18 years.

He said five of them have been promoted to another ladder in the managerial level, namely four managers – Gan Kui An, Loh Chuan Fatt, Ching Boon Leong and Lai Boon Fung – to senior managers, while Andy Chin who was assistant manager has been promoted to manager. 

The sixth recipient is Kelvin Chin who is General Manager of One Stop Superstore, a subsidiary of TCT Group.

“TCT Group is rewarding them with the luxury cars for staying loyal to the company during its ups and downs. Our company highly values our employees, as they are important assets who deal with and attend to the needs of our customers.

“We hope the presentation of the cars to the six will be exemplary to other businesses to value their staff and not to resort to pay cut or sacking, which is not the way. 

“We must keep moving forward when faced with challenges. We have to be brave and confident in facing any problem,” he said after handing over mock keys for the BMWs to the six at BMW Sabah Showroom in Lido, here.

From left: Ching, Lo, Kelvin, Gan, Lai and Andy giving thumbs-up after receiving the keys for six BMW cars.


Also present were two other directors of the company, Serena Tan and Calvern Ng. 

“The monthly repayment for each of the cars is about RM2,300 and the company is subsiding RM1,300 every month. In other words, each of the employees only needs to pay RM1,000 from their own pocket for the instalments every month,” said Tan.

He said furthermore, BMW has given a special five-year free service package for the six cars. 

“Actually, all the managers working with us are also enjoying a RM350 allowance per month for car maintenance,” he added.

“This (reward) is a very good plan for our staff because I want them to have self-achievement and be proud of themselves to be what they are now. 

“Three of them – Chuan Fatt, Boon Fung and Kui An - were just general workers when they started working with our company with a monthly salary of RM400.

“Through their dedication, commitment and loyalty for 15 years, they successfully climbed the ladder to the managerial level and they are now senior managers.

“I want their successful feat to also motivate our ground staff that they can build a career in the company and enjoy similar benefits when they work long enough and stay loyal to the company,” said Tan.

He said this was not the first time that the company rewarded its employees because eight years ago, the company had bought 13 units of Beverly Hill apartments for selected loyal employees, adding the company paid for the down payment, legal fees and other costs incurred for the two-bedroom apartments.

“Apart from this, the company also bought 100 medical cards, with a RM100,000 yearly claim and RM350 per day to be paid when they are warded in the hospital, for 100 loyal employees such as supervisors, executives, managers, assistant managers and senior managers.” 

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