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Published on: Monday, December 07, 2020
By: K Krishnan
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SCHOOLS are closed in many states because of Covid-19.  Now,  students have a lot of time to plan their future. Some may be worried about their future because they  see the day to day problems faced by the people around them. There are many who are in Form 5 and Form 6 not knowing when their final exams will be held. There are also hundreds who have left school last year but yet to get into any further education programs or get employed. Those who are mid-way in the universities  do not know their future till todate.  

There are many more who have lost their jobs during this period. With so  much uncertainty,  the future may look bleak to many. Especially students will be losing their motivation to study or choose a vocation. 

Why should I study ? What can I do with a degree or diploma? Who is going to employ me? They are not wrong .  They have the right to be worried.

 To help these students to have hope and ambition, we have to give them some form of  reassurance. Today is a trying time not only for us, but for the whole world. Many are in greater suffering and pain then us. But all these will sooner or later disappear. In a year or two when everything comes to normal, we have to start building our future. 

While waiting for better times why not use the time we have now to start thinking of our future? Remember the old saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.   We cannot choose a career overnight. 

We have to invest a lot of time and resources to develop our future aspirations. Let us start now before it is too late!

Introduction to career Planning

We are living in a digital era today. Most of the things around us have changed. People are working from home. Students are learning through zoom and other digital apps. Banking can be done through the internet. Meetings, workshops and seminars are held online. International football games can be seen right in your living room. Many cable TV stations such as Astro, Netflix and Amazon have brought cinemas into homes. People are getting used to buying things online. 

Even your favourite food and drinks can be  ordered  online and they are delivered to your doorstep. It is going to be an exciting era with many new challenges, changes and unpredictables. Like it or not, you are going to be a part of this new technological revolution. 

Where and how will you fit into this new digital world ? Have you given it a thought ?

The world of work has changed very rapidly and is continuing to change. Home schooling is now normal. Teachers teach online and communicate with students who are learning from home. 

Robots have taken over many manual and routine jobs from humans. Businesses no longer need expensive offices to house their businesses. People with just a hand phone can run a business from home. Money can be transferred online from anywhere. 

Doctors are using all kinds of sophisticated equipment and lasers  for examination of the body, analyzing complicated diseases and for surgery. Useful  Information, complicated reports, plans and drawings can be sent to any part of the world through internet within a few seconds. Foreign languages can be translated by simple machines instantly. The entire world of work has changed. 

Many straight forward manual and routine jobs have been taken over by robots. More and more jobs that do not require human judgement are being done by machines. 

Artificial Intelligence has empowered robots to make decisions. As our work continues to rely on computers, advanced digital technology and robots, there will be fewer and fewer job opportunities for those who do not have some form of   skill training. Completing your Secondary education alone will not be sufficient to enter the world of work. You definitely need to pursue a course of study which will be relevant in the future. 

Which career will be in demand in the future ? Which course or training should one study ? How do you go about choosing the right career ? What is a career ? What is a job ? What is work? Why do people hold two jobs ? What is a free lance job ? What is contract job ? 

Many of your questions, need answers. This article will help you to understand about the world of work.  Over the next few weeks let us explore some of these areas. We hope it will be helpful to all those who want  to choose the right career. 

Q & A

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