Tri-partnership provides RM1m higher education financing
Published on: Tuesday, April 26, 2022
By: Wu Vui Tek
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PSB Academy, Direct Lending and Uni Enrol have formed a partnership to offer financial assistance under the Scholar Search PSB programme.
Kota Kinabalu: A special RM1 million education financing has been launched to help Malaysian students to obtain higher education in Singapore.

The financial assistance under the Scholar Search PSB programme, was made possible through the partnership of PSB Academy, Direct Lending and Uni Enrol.

Under the partnership, PSB Academy has agreed to set up a special sponsorship fund to subsidise and co-sponsor the financing cost payable by students who need education financing to meet any shortfall in tuition fees.

This education financing is open to all students nationwide on top of the scholarship that students are qualified to apply based on their results. 

Students will be using their trial exam/forecast or actual results to get matched to the scholarships, receive advice on suitable courses and apply to the subsidised education financing. 

No collateral is required.

“Hopefully this helps to realise the dreams of more students who aspire to study in Singapore” said PSB Academy Vice President Vincent Peh.

“In assisting thousands of students every year, we see first hand the funding gaps that exist especially for accessibility to higher education.

“A few thousand ringgit in financial assistance can mean the difference between going to one’s dream university or going for the lesser preferred choice. 

“We are thankful for this tri-partnership between Direct Lending, PSB Academy and Uni Enrol to open up more opportunities and options for students in 2022”, said Uni Enrol Chief Executive Officer Rickson Khaw.

“Direct Lending’s mission is to make financing accessible and affordable for every hardworking individual, so that they can fulfil their dream. 

“We believe in the importance of higher education and we are proud to be part of this initiative together with PSB Academy and Uni Enrol”, said Direct Lending founder Hui Yik Seong.

All UEC/SPM/STPM/Pre-U students and parents are welcomed to join Scholar Search PSB programme. Sign-up now at https://scholarsearch.unienrol.com/2022/psb


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