March 05, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: The district’s Fire and Rescue Department received a mist blower sprayer, here, Thursday.
March 04, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: The district JKR has completed a temporary diversion which enables traffic to resume following the collapse of the bridge in Kg Nampasan on Monday (pic).  Ranau JKR Chief Mac Glen Frederick Lojuman said the diversion is a temporary lane only passable by small and light vehicles across the Tahubang river.
March 03, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: For a Dusun family residing in Kampung Taba here, about 142 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, basket weaving is their traditional craft. While their forefathers weaved beautiful baskets out of rattan, these days, due to the difficulty in sourcing rattan locally, multi-coloured plastic strands are used to make elegant bags and baskets in various shapes and sizes. Three sisters belonging to the fourth generation of the family, who picked up the traditional weaving skills from their parents, are keeping the family heritage alive via their Olundus Craft venture which they started in September 2019 to supplement the family income.
March 02, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: The heavy downpour after a two-week dry spell here, recently, caused a wooden bridge in Kg Nampasan to collapse and led to hundreds of villagers being stranded.
March 01, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister-cum-Paginatan Assemblyman, Datuk Abidin Madingkir, urged all heads of the Chinese community (KMC) here to perform their duties diligently and put the people first.
March 01, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: A total of 35 heads of household (KIR) including a church in Kg Tinanom located some 80km from here received a solar facility costing RM15,030.
February 27, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: The GRS State government will put the people’s interest first, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, by continuously providing aid and contributions to those who are badly affected.
February 27, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: Fate turned for one homeless woman here when her shelter made of tree branches and yam leaves was transformed into a decent house.
February 26, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: A total of 2,139 eligible residents in the district received Bantuan Prihatin Negara (BPN) which went smoothly at the Ranau Community Hall, Wednesday.
February 25, 2021 Sabah
RANAU: A new hospital with complete and sophisticated facilities must be built in the district to cater to the people’s healthcare needs.
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