Safa must have a clear vision
Published on: Thursday, July 02, 2015

Kota Kinabalu: El Hadji Diouf's future with Sabah Rhinos hangs in the balance as he will only make a decision after a meeting with Sabah Football Association (Safa) top guns.He said fans on the street are asking him about staying on for another season but it is hard for him to give the answer without knowing Safa's plan next year.

"Any team in the world, when you are doing well, you want to keep the players and your coach for next season.

"We are doing well so far, if you look at the table now only four teams can fight for the top two positions i.e. T-Team, Kedah, Penang and us.

"It is too tight, only six points separate us in fourth and T-Team at the top. That's only two match winning points and there is nothing to worry and I am positive we can finish in the top two.

"But today, I still don't know what we are going to do next season. Mike (Mulvey, the coach) doesn't know what he is going to do next season, me, Aby (Abdoulaye Faye), Zayed (Eamon) who has been scoring goals and Joel (Chianese) are all in the dark.

"The local boys also don't know what they are going to do next season and that is not normal.

"We have some very good local players in the team and they deserve better communication.

He warned that the team may collapse if they are to go with a new set-up and complete new players next season.

According to him, the FA must have the vision and objective otherwise it is a waste of time for the players to go to Super League.

"Everyday in England, every day in Africa, they tell you what's going on about football next season.

"Football is a business. It is about plan and here I don't think they have a plan, and if you don't have a plan, you can't have a discussion with people.

"Something that I don't understand when I left England to come and played here with Aby joining me, we were told about a project.

"Everybody told me Sabah want to go back to where they used to be one of the best teams in the country.

"I bet the Chief Minister doesn't know about this and my proposition is to have a meeting with him or the top committee to talk to them about football.

"I got a lot of experience in football and they can ask me what is best to do for the team as well as the youngsters.

"Like what I said earlier when I came here with Aby for the first time, we came here to help football in Malaysia especially Sabah and we don't see it coming.

He also touched on the news going around that he is joining JDT next season.

"There are a lot of speculation that I will be going to JDT and other teams.

"I am telling you this, I have a contract here with Sabah and I respect my contract and I am training hard daily and put myself to be in tip top condition .

"I respect Sabah and their football and I know the fans like me so much. That's why I prepare myself well so that I can play the best for them.

"I said again, the FA need to tell us what is going on next season and who is going to take care of the team next season or what is going to be if we are going to the Malaysia Cup and what is the plan?

"I don't stay without an objective or a vision. Football for me is respecting the club and team that I play for.

"I am here not to take the money and go home tomorrow because when I leave Sabah, I want people here to remember when El Hadji Diouf was here, something happened in Sabah and it is the same to Aby and the other players.

"I am sorry I can't give an answer to the fans on whether I am going to play for Sabah next season because there is no clear picture for the team at the moment and I don't think they (fans) deserve that. You know I am very happy with the fans and I have to say thank you very much to them for turning out in every game to support us even in our away games.

"I think the Ramadan is hard for some of them but we are asking them again to come and support us as we need them. And I must say the two best fans in Malaysia I saw so far are from Sabah and Johor."


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