1,500 Sabah households for digital broadcast tests
Published on: Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kota Kinabalu: Almost 1,500 households in Sabah have been selected to participate in test runs of the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) from July 27 to December, said MYTV chief commercial officer Haniza Ros Nasaruddin. She said all the participants were in the 25km-to-100km radius from the television transmitter station in Bukit Karatong.

Haniza Ros said that during the first phase, these households would be installed with a temporary MYTV decoder and could enjoy shows from seven channels – TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, TV8, TV9 and TV AlHijrah – in digital form.

She said the temporary decoder would be replaced with a new decoder during the final DTT broadcast test runs at the end of this year.

"During the test runs, MYTV will convert from analogue to digital broadcast which began last April in several selected regions in Peninsular Malaysia such as Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan, and Sabah is the first in East Malaysia (for the test runs)," she said here, Friday.

She said the test runs were conducted to determine the effectiveness of digital coverage through the strength of its signal reception and quality of visuals by the households before MYTV was officially introduced in January next year.

She said three locations in Sabah had been selected for the transmitter stations for MYTV broadcasts - Bukit Karatong in Kota Kinabalu, Gunung Andrassy in Tawau and Bukit Trig in Sandakan.

Haniza Ros said households which were eligible to receive the free decoders had to fulfil several conditions, among which was that the recipient must be a citizen who did not subscribe to paid broadcasts, was from the low-income group and was included in the category of recipients of government aid.

She said households not listed as recipients of government aid could get the free decoders from branches which would be set up in Sabah after MYTV is launched next year.

After the launch, each household would enjoy about 30 free channels and the decoders for remote areas would be distributed according to Pos Malaysia regions, she said.

"This is the national agenda and we have targeted 98 per cent of households in Malaysia to get MYTV broadcasts," she said.

She said the uniqueness of MYTV was that its broadcasts would not be affected by weather changes because it was supported by a network of fibre optic cables.

Meanwhile, to overcome the problem in areas where broadcasts might be affected by hilly terrain, low-powered transmitters called gap fillers would be installed to receive signals from the main transmitter to be channelled to the households.


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