No hugging, kissing in local TV dramas and films
Published on: Saturday, July 11, 2015
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Alor Setar: No more kissing or hugging scenes for local television dramas and films.The Film Censorship Board (LPF) recently issued new guidelines, stating that all local production houses had to censor any lewd or extreme content in their shows.

It is learnt that the fresh guidelines were made after members of the public complained to the LPF about a scene involving a married couple in an ongoing local Malay drama series.

The drama called Maid, which currently airs on Astro Ria HD showed the couple, played by Ayda Jebat and Zul Ariffin, involved in a bedroom scene.

The guidelines, set by the Home Ministry's body, which production houses must adhere to include:

i. No passionate scenes between men and women or members of the same sex;

ii. No mouth and neck kissing scenes or passionate kiss;

iii. No scenes involving molest, touching of the genitals and licking between men and women or members of the same sex; and

iv. No rape or sexual scenes except if filmed without lighting, behind mosquito nets, or filmed using vague shadows without sexual action.

The guidelines issued on June 30, now circulating in the social blogosphere, apply to all local movies including Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English.

Additionally, the latest guidelines which provide a more detailed clarification of the existing Film Censorship Guidelines 2010, state that English, Chinese and Tamil films featuring Malay actors and actresses are subject to the same criteria as Malay films.

The guidelines also include strict controls of pornographic, superstitious, violent and political content scenes, while any scene involving actors or actresses using foul and offensive language should also be censored.

It is learnt that LPF's objective in issuing the updated guidelines is to ensure that Malaysian society will be exposed to more moral values.


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