Lawsuit looms for incomplete 1Sulaman
Published on: Monday, July 13, 2015
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Kota Kinabalu: Property lots buyers of 1Sulaman are mulling suing the developer to complete the project which is three years overdue. Star City buyers have some hope pending until September for a rescue on the abandoned mall project after the developer was sued insolvent.

1Sulaman buyers were among those who were enamoured by the developer's promise that 1Sulaman offers residents a choice to have a fun day out at the water theme park or spend a quiet evening within the glamorous confines of the five-star club house.

The project is a mixed development comprising commercial retail lots with car park floors and condominium towers on top the grand entrance featuring an impeccable facade, with eight specially commissioned sculpted brass stallions with regulated musical water fountain and special effects, located at Jalan Sulaman here.

For the past few years, glorifying and valuer property reports kept parroting adding the 2,058 units to Sabah's housing stock but to date to no avail.

Slated originally for completion in 2012, it was rescheduled to mid-2015, but the project which offers 2,058 units over three parcels of land, which seems to the property buyers, has not progressed beyond 80 per cent of the scheduled work progress for the initial phase. The time period is now in the middle of 2015, yet there is no sight in end to the delayed project.

To some of them, it looks Grand Merdeka Mall would commence business before 1Sulaman's completion and occupation with many of the new housing units surrounding the mall.

A lawyer was canvassing every purchaser of some 1,008 condo units to come up with RM800 legal cost each to commence the legal action to protect their interests and claim for LAD with court judgment if the Housing Controller has no solution in sight or hands-off the project.

The good news for the property lots buyers is that the 9.624 acres on which the property is sited is not charged to any bank.

As it belongs to the developer, not to any other joint venture landowner like Usia as in the case of 1Borneo or SUDC as in the case of Star City, hence, it would not be too complicated to protect the buyers' interests, many of them have caveat the title.

It is to be developed with a water themed park within the premises of living and leisure in one place.

Boasting European inspired designs, 1Sulaman is planned with a musical fountain at its entrance and a 5-star club house as well as other facilities like a gymnasium, table tennis, jogging track, basketball court, multi-purpose hall, swimming pool, badminton and squash courts, which now seems more like a Greek tragedy play as buyers use an opposition political party to help them against the connected developer, once a blue-eye of the establishment.

Located within close proximity to universities and colleges and the 1Borneo Hyper mall, it was dubbed, 'Where lifestyle takes a new dimension' is just how buyers feel like Greeks sailing on to sack Troy, a mythical reality for now.

Used to be selling at RM161,820 onwards as the lowest per square foot price in Kota Kinabalu (RM231 per sq ft) makes 1Sulaman an attractive development to many people, with great potential for capital appreciation with its location within an upmarket residential area.

The project is close to universities, colleges, and 1Borneo Hypermall where the residents can indulge in all the modern amenities such as banks, restaurants, shopping, leisure etc.

1Sulaman development is divided into three different parcels. The first parcel includes the Platinum Towers Condominium and Platinum Tower Shoplexes. There are 1008 units within the condominium itself and 53 units of shoplexes.

The Platinum Towers Condominium within the 1 Sulaman development has been completely sold out.

The Platinum Towers Condominium is promised to have unique and exclusive features, namely the water theme park and exclusive clubhouse. There are three different residential layouts to choose from, ranging from 900 to 1,800 square feet.

The premier clubhouse within Platinum Towers supposedly plays host to an extensive list of facilities.

These supposedly include a water theme park, pool bar, infrared saunas, jogging track, manicured gardens and sports courts. The 5 star club house allows residents to indulge in food, entertainment and leisure activities.

Phase 2 is on the Wisma comprising three storey semi-detached commercial buildings. There are a total of nine units for businesses seeking a glamorous showcase area complete with prestigious address.

These units size up to 4,990 square feet and can be utilised as a warehouse cum factory.

1Sulaman's third phase includes the prestigious Gold Tower Condominium. There are a total of 950 luxury units within this residential tower and 15 shoplex units beneath.

All shoplexes within this mixed development supposedly include three-tier security, air conditioning, covered and elevated parking bays, as well as covered piazzas.

1Sulaman's Gold Tower features three different layouts. Type A units are known as standard apartments. They come with 2 bedrooms, a study and 2 bathrooms. Type B units are corner units, with 2 bedrooms, a study and 2 bathrooms. Type C units are corner apartment units with the same amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and studies as Type A and B. Condominium facilities include a gymnasium, lift lobby, playground, swimming and wading pool, multipurpose hall and landscaped gardens.

These trouble projects from AC Bumi Hotel to Star City continues to give a black eye to Sabah property market from the changing of contractors from Jesselton Residences to Oceanus and few other projects.

Even the Central Building after the court case went for arbitration which was supposed to be fast, is still left in limbo as the renovation remains unfinished.

The Megalong Mall case is under appeal and cross-appeal by some 100 plaintiffs and the developer.


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