MNC glad KDCA on same page with them on Momogun issue
Published on: Saturday, April 23, 2016
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Kota Kinabalu: Momogun National Congress (MNC) on Friday welcomed the Kadazandusun Cultural Association's (KDCA) endorsement of MNC's use of Momogun as a generic identity for the Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic speech community.MNC President Datuk Henrynus Amin in a statement said he was glad that KDCA is on the same page with them on the Momogun issue.

He said the endorsement by KDCA Secretary General Datuk John Anthony to agree to the use of Momogun as a generic identity for Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic speech community should be able dispel rumours about differences on the use of the term Momogun.

He said the issue of Momogun to be used for all Sabah natives does not arise since the body never advocated for other races like Bajau and Suluk to be called Momogun.

"Let me assure Datuk John Anthony that such idea did not come from MNC and should not be," he said.

He said his earlier press statement may have been misinterpreted by press editors based on their imagination perhaps with noble intentions.

"Datuk John Anthony will find that MNC clearly referred to Momogun as Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic speech community."

Henrynus said contrary to some unfounded fears or doubts, Momogun is not going to replace the term Kadazan, Dusun or Kadazandusun as these are tribal identities.

"Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, Lundayeh, Bisaya, Sungai, Sagamo, Tombonuo etc. will remain our tribal names, but we are all Momogun or indigenous to Sabah."

He said MNC respects the wisdom of the forefathers in their effort to find common identity for Sabah natives and this effort is a continuing process.

He said MNC is fully aware of lingering controversy on the use of Kadazan as a generic term as well as the continuing use of the term Dusun by interior natives.

MNC is also aware of attempts to heal the Kadazan and Dusun differences by merging the two words into Kadazandusun.

He said he is yet to find out how the name change came about but certainly the term Kadazandusun is new and was not part of the 1961 unity resolution.

Further, he said, MNC is fully aware of Murutic and Paitanic doubts on the use of the terms Kadazandusun to describe them.

But he said KDCA has done an exceptionally good job in keeping alive the cultural identity of the Kadazan Dusun and Murut tribes.

He said MNC respects the fact KDCA is the most important and powerful cultural organisation for the Kadazan Dusun and Murut.

For that matter, MNC which was pioneered by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok and who remained as its adviser is prepared to work closely with KDCA on Momogun cultural matters.

"MNC has no programme on culture and its orientation on culture will be solely guided by KDCA."

Henrynus said Momogun is not a tribal or racial term but a status in the same way Anak Negeri or Bumiputra is used as it simply means people of indigenous origins.

"The term Momogun came from the word "pogun" which means country."

So, he said, Momogun in the Kadazan or Dusun or Murut dialect means people who dwell in the land or those who build their homes in the land.

"Momogun is therefore "Anak Negeri" though its use is limited to those of Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic origins."

He said it is practical for the Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic speech community to use the term Momogun to describe their collective identity and be recognised at national level.

He said MNC strongly feel the institution of the Huguan Siou is the unifying factor for the entire Momogun community.

"We want the Huguan Siou to lead the way as he is above MNC, KDCA PBS or even his official position in government."

He said MNC will not duplicate the functions of other Momogun NGOs as its focus is unity, transformation and empowerment.

He said MNC will soon unveil its 8-Point Momogun Economic Blueprint as practical guides to all Momogun to improve their socio economic wellbeing.

He said MNC is non-political as those holding key posts in political parties are not allowed to serve in the MNC Supreme Council.

The Momogun Economic Blueprint will be made available to all political as well as community leaders regardless of political affiliation of the Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic community.

"It is an interesting piece of work based on a series of labs and symposiums attended by Momogun scholars from UMS and professionals who came in their individual capacity but most happened to be members of KDCA, USDA, Rungus Cultural Association, Persatuan Murut Sabah, Persatuan Tatana Sabah, etc."

He said even KCCI, DESANITA, Tataba Group and smaller NGOs like Persatuan Tombonuo Kota Kinabalu participated in discussions and preparation of the 8 point economic focus.

He said MNC will also be presenting the 8- Point Momogun Blueprint to the State government very soon.

Meanwhile, Vice President Sylvester Disimon also agreed that Momogun should be the collective identity for Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic tribal groups or sub groups as the term had been used even before the formation of Malaysia.

He said as a Kadazan from Penampang and a member of KDCA he has no problem to identify himself as a Momogun.

"Kadazan is my race but Momogun is my collective identity as someone who is native to Borneo."

Sylvester denied there is a rift with KDCA which is a cultural association focused on cultural development on the use of Momogun.

He noted the KDCA Secretary General's statement to acknowledge use of Momogun to refer to the Dusunic, Murutic and Paitanic community as justified.

He said MNC serves different functions from KDCA.

"While KDCA is closely identified with Kadazandusun culture notably Kaamatan, Unduk Ngadau and Sugandoi, MNC will focus on unity, transformation and the empowerment agenda."

He said MNC has begun the ball rolling with its Momogun Economic Blueprint.

MNC will also be holding a Tataba workshop for Momogun of all ages all over Sabah to teach basic mindset changes and entrepreneurship.

"In fact the first batch of participants about 50 people attended the Tataba workshop last night," he said.

Sylvester also revealed that MNC through its affiliate INDEP has developed teaching modules for the "I Can Speak English" programme and the first pilot project was successfully carried out at Kg Kolopis Penampang.

He said the "I Can Speak English" project will be duplicated at various Momogun villages soon.

He said MNC is a voluntary organisation with hundreds of volunteers.

"MNC will work with its institutional members and unattached members to build bridges among the Momogun community."

Sylvester expressed confidence MNC and KDCA can be partners, rather than competitors.


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