Reviving Moyog River
Published on: Sunday, May 15, 2016
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Penampang: The district has embarked on a five-year mission to restore the Moyog River to its healthy state of decades ago.It involves mobilising all communities, particularly those living along the river all the way from Kg Togudon down to Kg Sedomon through gotong royong, tree planting, awareness campaigns and construction of proper toilets.

District Officer Luvita Koisun (pic) stressed the importance of the mission because the Moyog River is the source of drinking water for thousands.

"I've been given the challenge to restore the condition of the Moyog River to how it was in the past when our older generation could drink water straight from it and safely bathe in it.

"To do this, I really need support from everyone. Not just villagers living along the river but also those in town and city," she said when attending the 'Semarak Komuniti 1 Malaysia' programme at Kg Babagon, Saturday.

The programme was simultaneously held with the "Love Our Water Catchment Area" campaign.

"We are very serious in protecting our catchment areas and our natural resources. It's a big challenge but I believe we can achieve it."

She said she would not tolerate with any activities that could harm the environment and pollute the rivers such as hill cutting.

She also said that she had briefed all JKKK chiefs about the guidelines during her meetings with them and will organise a special course on the same.

"Our five-year challenge begins today," she said during the programme aimed at promoting harmony among the 1Malaysia communities in the district.

She said the District Office would also engage with non-governmental organisations, government departments and agencies in the district to support the initiative which will emphasise on community-based initiatives and community ownership.

"I expect the communities to be directly and actively involved in the cleaning up project in their respective locations.

They must have a sense of ownership of the river," she said.

She said communities would also be expected to pass the hat around among themselves to raise funds for river cleanup activities in their respective villages.

"We need to build proper toilets and sewerage so that we won't drain water direct into the river," she said.

She seek the support from all the JKKK chairmen and chairwomen in the district to get the message across and organize the communities for action.

Yesterday's one-day programme was participated by 1Malaysia communities from Kg Nosoob, Kg Bokok, Kepayan, Kg Kandaru and Kg Babagon, as host. It also received the support from 1Malaysia for Youth.

The programme was launched by Penampang Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Donald Mojuntin who reminded communities to use information and technology without sacrificing tradition and not be influenced by everything that is spread through the social media without verifying the facts and source.


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