Atkinson Tower clocks outlived their necessity?
Published on: Thursday, July 14, 2016
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Kota Kinabalu: Tourists from all over the world visiting one of the city's historical heritage icons were left disappointed with the two clocks of the Atkinson Tower seen not working to tell the time nor were they able to hear their bells ring hourly, unlike before. At times, the tower was left not lit at night.

"If London's Big Ben is in similar state, it would be global trivia news, and key people would be rushing to put things right within hours or a day or two," said a tour guide.

In any case, a Daily Express check also found that most public clocks from the Promenade Clock Tower to the Kampung Air Roundabout do not work properly anymore.

Once there was a four-faced clock tower on top of the MPKK (now DBKK) Building, but now was taken off.

Tardiness is a problem with most public officials. Perhaps it is a reflection of how much priority is spent to ensure time respect and punctuality, starting with the city's public clocks functioning properly at all times.

The tour guide said another irritant that tourists faced for years is open burning at the historical Kota Kinabalu Police Station when the smoke would pollute the air around stairs going up and down the Atkinson Clock Tower in the late afternoon or evening when it is not raining.

Complaints to the DBKK seemingly fell on deaf ears for years as did public urgings to remove accident vehicles left at the base of the Atkinson Clock Tower.

"This does not make a good impression on tourists frequenting the historical attraction," the tour guide said.

He said there is a need to move the Police Traffic Department away from the Kota Kinabalu police station due to insufficient parking and to reduce illegal parking, vehicle congestion due to people visiting it to pay summonses or report accidents which their vehicles would be towed there for investigation purposes.

"There is ample space in front of the Kepayan Police Headquarters for the purpose," he said.

A former mayor who was a policeman managed to reserve a lot of car parking spaces for police personnel only which some felt should rightly be for public usage.



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