Museum starts repairs on clock tower
Published on: Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Kota Kinabalu: The State Museum on Friday said it has already commenced repairs on the clock tower known as the Atkinson Tower. In a statement here, the department pointed out the clock was experiencing some mechanical problems and the problems have been identified.

It said the works will take about a month to complete.

On July 14, the Daily Express reported that visitors to the tower clock claimed they were not able to hear the clock's hourly chime, with some spotting the tower was left not lit at night at times.

A tour guide compared the tardiness of local technicians to those in England who rush to fix London's Big Ben "in an hour or a day or two" if it was not working accordingly.

The tour guide also said most of the clocks from the Promenade clock tower to the Kampung Air roundabout were not working properly, adding that there are also damaged vehicles parked near the Atkinson Clock Tower which have become an eyesore.

The State Museum made no mention of the other clocks.



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