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'Many BR1M recipients proof high number earning low income'
Published on: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: The presence of many BR1M cash aid recipients in the country only showed that there are a high number of people still earning a low income.

Sabah Democratic Action Party Deputy Chairman Dr Edwin Bosi said he could not see how the BR1M could resolve the poverty issue in Malaysia.

Furthermore, he said the problem is worsened by the devaluation of the Ringgit, where ordinary folk are also aware that RM100 will now not "go far even at the tamu".

"The economy does not seem to get better and the price of goods is rising. There will always be price increases whenever there is an increase in fuel price.

"The irony is that the price of goods does not come down when the price of fuel is reduced.

The other irony is that Malaysia is an oil producing nation," he said. Dr Bosi who is also Kapayan Assemblyman said this during an event held in conjunction with Christmas and New Year here on Saturday.

Among those present at the function were DAP National Advisor Lim Kit Siang, DAP Sabah Chairman Stephen Wong, DAP Sabah Adviser Jimmy Wong, DAP Sabah Secretary Chan Fong Hin and the Pulau Tikus (Penang) Assemblywoman.

Some 400 people attended the event.

Dr Bosi said the people must realise that the state of the economy is very much dependent on the performance of the government of the day.

"If the leaders have their heart and mind close to the people then this country is not going to suffer economically," he said.

On another note, he reiterated DAP Sabah Native Consultative Council's emphasis on the batu sumpah.

He said the Sabahans must not forget the formation of Malaysia had gone without obstacles from the indigenous people of the interior due to the presence of the three guarantees given by the Malaysian Government.

"They are freedom of religion in Sabah, land under State government control and the native culture and tradition are respected and preserved.

"The people must study the report card of the Umno-led BN government in Sabah and Putrajaya.

How has the BN government performed in terms of fulfilling the guarantees in the batu sumpah?

How about the economy, the health and education of the people? Under BN can the ordinary people put food on the table?" he asked.

He also said the 14th general election is a very important election, adding that it will determine the future of the nation, children and grandchildren.

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