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PWD to reseal two damaged P'pang roads
Published on: Friday, February 17, 2017

Penampang: THE Public Works Department (PWD) concessionaire will reseal the two main roads, namely Jalan Datuk Panglima Banting and Jalan Penampang Tambunan which lead to a small roundabout in Penampang, when the allocations for the work become available this year.

A motorist who frequents the stretch to Country Heights Apartments at Kibabaig, expressed his dismay about the uncomfortable feeling while plying the single-carriage road to Donggongon town and vice versa due to its damaged asphalt surface.

"I would avoid this road if the alternative way is near," stressed SAIMAN, the agitated motorist, who believed other road users shared the same sentiment.

While its surface is riddled with potholes, he pointed out that the cracked shoulders at the roundabout had worsened the situation.

"You should try driving on this road and take a look at how severe its condition is," he told Hotline recently.

He, however, was under the impression that the rampant use of heavy-laden lorries had contributed to the fast deterioration of the road surface.

"The intense vibrations when these vehicles pass by can weaken the asphalt, apart from damaging the road kerbs at the roundabout," he said. A PWD spokeswoman said it had raised the issue concerned to its superiors.

"We will check again whether there is a programme to resurface both roads this year," she added, admitting that its office had received many complaints from motorists who asked the same question.

In the meantime, she said its concessionaire would be asked to do some maintenance at the crucial parts of the road.

"It is better not to accelerate when reaching the roundabout from both roads," he added. (OV)

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