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Dept told not to bully or force Chinese schools
Published on: Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah DAP has called on the Education Department and Semporna Education Office to respect the decision of the SJK(C) Nyuk Hwa board of directors and headmistress not to form a Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) in the school.

Sabah DAP adviser Jimmy Wong said the incident where an education officer in Semporna allegedly made threatening remarks against the school's headmistress was uncalled for and that the education officer should refer to the board of governors' decision on the matter.

"Why insist that a PTA be formed when all this while the school which was founded by the local Chinese community since 1933 and managed by the Semporna Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) have managed their own affairs well enough.

"The government had only been contributing a token sum of support to the school from time to time so why are their officers now insisting that a PTA be set up there?"

Wong said the government, Education Department and the District Education Office, instead, should learn from the governing boards of Chinese schools in the State on how Chinese schools are able to maintain their educational standards rather than insist on bringing Chinese schools down to national school standards.

Wong fully supported the decision of the school board of governors and headmistress which, he said, was intended to protect the characteristics of the Chinese school and the way it was administrated.

The headmistress was reportedly summoned by an education officer where she was allegedly publicly reprimanded and threatened with sacking for refusing to follow his instructions.

Following the incident about 40 board members and teachers from the school attended a meeting on the matter and agreed that there was no need to form a PTA as the development and learning environment of the school together with the academic and discipline of the pupils there was excellent.

SJK(C) Nyuk Hwa Board of Governors Chairman Datuk Seri Gan Sau Wah also expressed regret over the matter and called on the Department to be more understanding and respectful. - Neil Chan

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