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Penampang Kaamatan football carnival
Published on: Friday, May 19, 2017

Penampang: District Officer Luvita Koisun announced the district football carnival in conjunction the Kaamatan was successfully completed with the participation of ladies team for the first time.

She said apart from promoting unity through the joys of Kaamatan festival, she wanted to revive women's football.

Hence the winning team paid her a courtesy visit for a mock trophy.

She announced the winners as: Women Category Champion: District Office Team, 2nd: NFC Tamparuli while the semifinalists are DE'UM and Musain Clan.

Youth Open Category: Champion Gaagana, 2nd Kolopis and semifinalists Kapayan and IPD Penampang.

Veteran Category: Champion Hungab, 2nd BEMA and the semifinalists Kelab Bolasepak Perpaduan and Old Ramgal from Menggatal.

All winners or representatives are invited to receive their trophies and prizes during the Penampang District Kaamatan held today (Saturday) between 1 and 2pm. – Oswald Supi

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