2018 is Visit Penampang Year
Published on: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Penampang: Chairperson of Penampang Tourism Action Council (PTAC) cum District Officer, Luvita Koisun, said the recently introduced night market here has two main purposes – make Donggongon town come alive with tourism activities to entice both foreign and local visitors, and to provide small business opportunities for local youths through stalls and food trucks. Opening the Hari Raya-cum-Kaamatan celebration adjacent to the night market, on Saturday, she said 2018 has been gazetted as Penampang year, with the aim of attracting tourists to stop and visit places instead of just passing by on their way to Tambunan, Beaufort and other towns.

Hence the event is the beginning of weekend activities and concerts at the stage area of the main market building rented from the Council.

The night market currently has 27 lots/camps selling halal food, 26 lots selling other types of food and 13 lots for food trucks. "I have been talking to some young operators of the food stalls and and their feedback was encouraging with satisfactory income," she said.

She encouraged others who are unemployed to consider starting small businesses first in view that nationwide employment in public sector is now very slim.

She acknowledged that facilities are still lacking such as insufficient stalls, parking or power supply.

However, the Council is looking into it and even the night market location is still temporary until a more suitable site is found.

Luvita later made a round visit to all the stalls and trucks listening to feedback from the operators.

Later Freddy Ekol, Director of Communication/Information cum Chair of the Night Market informed that future events planned include Battle of Bands opened to statewide group.

Also present were Carl Mosoom, organiser for the Hari Raya celebration and PTAC members Dato Adalbert Kinson and Pius Jawa. - Oswald Supi


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