Biodegradable plastic by local firm
Published on: Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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Kota Kinabalu: A local company has produced a biodegradable plastic bag which is harmless to the environment as well as to promote environmental awareness. Green Buddy, believed to be the first company to produce biodegradable plastic bags and biodegradable food packaging in Sabah, has been promoting its products to the market since 2013.

The company's managing director, Kelvin Chin said their biodegradable plastic bags and biodegradable food packaging biodegradable plastic bags and food packaging can degrade within 12 months of use.

"We have seen and read in the news of what normal plastic bags can do to our environment.

"While there have been numerous programmes to control the use of plastic bags, such as the no plastic bag on weekends, we can always recycle it or reuse it as the first step

"But the problem is that once normal plastic bags have been sold or used, it will normally end up in dustbins, which will then end up in landfill," he said, adding that it is estimated that 500 tons of rubbish collected around Kota Kinabalu would make its way to the Kayu Madang landfill in Manggatal, and 10,000 kilograms of this are plastic bags.

"We understand the impact normal plastic bags can have on our environment and that is why we produced biodegradable plastic bags which can rapidly degrade in12 months upon using it," he said at the Green Buddy office at Cyber Square at Jalan Lintas, Kepayan.

Chin explained that biodegradable plastic is a practical environmental solution whereby its component contains biodegradable additives which enhance biodegradation.

"Synthetic plastic bags takes up to a thousand years to decompose while biodegradable plastic only takes 12 months to decompose, he said.

The company also produces biodegradable food packaging that comes in various shapes and sizes which are 100 per cent organic, able to sustain heat up to 100 degrees Celsius and water and oil resistance up to six hours, while food in the biodegradable food packaging can be refrigerated and heated in the microwave.

"We believe that with the use of biodegradable plastic bags and biodegradable food packaging, it can create a healthy living environment, reduce blockages congestion of sewage lines and rivers, improve harvest and create more efficient waste recycling.

"We also believe that our biodegradable plastic bags can help protect endangered marine life and create a happy and healthy lifestyle for our future generations to come," said Chin.


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