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PCS vows to defend rights of first-borns
Published on: Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) took politics to a whole new level when it discarded the idea of a party manifesto and, instead, declared a covenant between it and the people of Sabah, especially the firstborn, on Thursday.

PCS President Datuk Seri Mojilip Bumburing (pic) said the covenant, called Pensiangan Declaration, made PCS different from other political parties who just distribute manifestoes and quietly forget about them.

This, he said, is also a sign of resurgence of Kadazan Dusun Murut and Rungus (the firstborn) nationalism in the State.

"This is the result of manipulations, discriminations and marginalisation towards the people of Sabah, specifically to the firstborn. The community can no longer tolerate such bullying, oppressing and condescending attitude of the leadership and the elites towards the people in Sabah," he said.

Bumburing said the party is making a stand to carry the Malaysia Agreement 1963 through political as well as legal means, without fear or favour.

The agreement, he said is a legacy left for Malaysia to implement.

"Malaya, however, reneged on this agreement even though it was made mandatory in the Federal Constitution by the Malaya parliament on Aug 20, 1963," he said.

The reason that such an important declaration was made in Nabawan, he said was because Nabawan is located at the heart of Sabah.

"This is synonymous with the Heart symbol of our party. Moreover, Nabawan is in the heart of the Murut nation.

The Muruts as well as the Dusuns and all its ethnic sub-groupings are the firstborn.

"We need to awaken the resilience and the fighting spirit of the Muruts if we are to succeed in achieving our goal for regime change, especially in Sabah," he said.

History stood witness to the bravery of the Muruts, he said, in the face of external threats as they united and defeated those threats under the leadership of Antoros or popularly known as Antenom.

"In order to achieve this, the people in Sabah, specifically the KDMR must have a common stand that each and every one of them can relate to, namely that they are the firstborn.

"Secondly, the people must have a common struggle and aspiration, a moral cause that has the blessing of heaven and earth which is the rights as per Malaysia Agreement 1963 made mandatory in the Federal Constitution. This will become the PCS core struggle and the basis for their moral cause.

"Thirdly, everything is tied together in covenant between PCS and the people of Sabah specifically the firstborn," he said.

A covenant is a permanent two-way agreement between two parties and cannot be revoked except through the death of either one of the parties.

Bumburing added that a change in government is necessary because there is no way the present BN government will fulfil the mandatory requirement of the Constitution.

"If they are honourable and sincere, they would have done it 53 years ago. The fact that they have not done it showed they are never going to do it. Therefore, why should we waste time negotiating with them?" he said.

The Pensiangan Declaration states that PCS, the people in Sabah and the Firstborn who aspire to regain their rights which had been denied from us for more than five decades, will strive to change the existing government specifically in Sabah.

PCS shall take the stand that all manner of negotiation was completely done during the formation of Malaysia, the result of which is the Covenant Document – the Malaysia Agreement 1963. Today, we no longer negotiate or renegotiate, instead we demand its implementation in full as it was mandatory in the Malaysia Constitution – no more, no less.

In the event that the Central Government fails to uphold their part of the Covenant, we the people of Sabah and the Firstborn reserve the right to proceed to London and seek recourse through arbitration, we are prepared to face whatever the consequences to uphold our rights as given in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and made mandatory in the Malaysia Constitution. - Tracy Patrick

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