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Mixed reactions to new Pakatan logo
Published on: Sunday, July 16, 2017

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan's new logo drew mixed reactions on social media with some appreciating the simple design, and others mocking it for bearing similarities to the logo of a popular sci-fi series.

One Twitter user Saladin said the new logo, which features the word "Harapan" against a red backdrop with the central "A" in a triangle shape, was "simple and elegant".

"I love this new Pakatan Harapan logo," Saladin tweeted.

Another user, identified as Akmal Akhpah, felt that the opposition coalition had gotten the logo right this time.

"Surely one (of) the best looking logos among Malaysian political parties," he wrote on the micro-blogging site.

Meanwhile on the FMT Facebook page, a user David Ng said it was a very beautiful logo.

"It captures the imagination."

Other social media users poked fun at the design, with many pointing out that it was reminiscent of the Star Trek logo. They also shared images of the late Leonard Nimoy waving the famous Vulcan "Live long and prosper" sign.

Another user, Chris Quek, parodied a famous line from the TV show.

"To Boldly Go Where No Malaysian Opposition Has Gone Before (Putrajaya) !!!"

AzfarAPA meanwhile said it looked like PH had taken the logo from Telegram – a popular messaging app – and made some slight amendments.

Another user PolitikTongong2 said the new logo was inspired by the Freemasons, a fraternal organisation often mentioned in conspiracy theories.

"Are they kidding? There must be some hidden agenda."

PH has had a rough time in its search for a logo.

In May, internet users gave the three logos initially proposed the thumbs down, including, ironically, one which featured a thumbs up sign.

Two of the three logos contained the word "HARAPAN" with rays radiating outwards from the word.

These two logos featured the same design but used different fonts and background colours, one background in orange and the other in red.

The third design incorporated a thumbs up sign against a red and white background with the words "PAKATAN HARAPAN".

Some social media users criticised the designs and choice of colours, saying the red and white were too similar to the colours of BN's Umno and newest PH member PPBM.

Others pointed out that orange was the colour of Amanah, another PH member party, and said the pact should go for a more neutral colour.

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