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Attack on editor: Probe on elements of provocation
Published on: Friday, August 11, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Police are investigating elements of provocation which could have triggered the assault on the chief editor of New Sabah Times, who has since been discharged from hospital.

Pung Chen Choon, 65, sustained bruises around the eyes and swelling on the jaw and left cheek when he was hit by a biker with a helmet after he allegedly asked the biker why he was tailing him.

"We urge the suspect, believed to be a Chinese man, to come forward to facilitate investigations," said City Police Chief ACP M. Chandra in a media conference here, Thursday.

Pung was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 after being found unconscious near a petrol kiosk's air pump in Luyang, at about 2.45am, on Aug 5.

"Investigations are ongoing. We have seen the close circuit television footage from the petrol kiosk where the incident happened.

"Initial findings based on the footage showed the incident did happen, but we are also looking if there are any elements of provocation from the victim before the suspect attacked," he said.

He said they are looking at it from every angle and not just from the statement given by the victim.

"The victim said he was tailed and that he stopped at a petrol kiosk where he was assaulted by a man, which the CCTV footage showed to be true.

"However, the footage also showed that the suspect appeared to stop to refuel, and there was no suspicious movement towards the victim.

"The footage also showed the victim approaching the suspect first, we are investigating to see if there is any provocation," he said. - Sherell Ann Jeffrey

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