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Delay seen in ending P'pang floods
Published on: Thursday, August 17, 2017

Penampang: Work on a Federal-funded RM730 million flood mitigation scheme here that is scheduled tobe ready within three and half years is facing some challenges which may be slowing down its implementation.

According to a Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) spokesman the scheme takes time and comes in a few phases to improve and upgrade the Moyog River in Penampang, Lido and Menggatal.

Presently, he said, the improvement scheme in Penampang involves Sg Moyog Package1 (RM51.8m), Sg Moyog Package 3 (RM131m), RTB Sg Kibabaig (RM9m), RMB Sg Sugud Phase 1 (RM7m), RMB Sg Sugud Phase 2 (RM7m) and RTB Lido (RM76m).

"However, the scheme is facing issues pertaining to land acquisition, site adaptation and accessibility and local engineering matters.

"The existing drainage system was not built to withstand such large volume of water from unexpected heavy downpour for the past few days which resulted in flash floods around the State Capital and in Penampang area.

"Moreover, the rainfall data few days ago has shown to be climatic extreme and abnormal," he said, when replying to questions on status and effectiveness of the Flood Mitigation Scheme.

Penampang District Officer cum Chairperson of the Penampang District Council Luvita Koisun called and chaired the meeting following the flood havoc since last Sunday.

Among those present were Barisan Nasional Penampang Chairman Datuk Donald Mojuntin, Umno Penampang Divisional Chief Datuk John Ambrose, MCA Penampang Chairman Datuk Francis Goh, relevant heads and representatives of government departments and authorities, Executive Officer of Penampang District Council, community leaders, district engineers and relevant technical officers.

Luvita urged her technical departmental officers and respective community leaders such as the Community Development Officers (PPMs), Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairpersons, and Urban Community Development Committee (JKDB) leaders to be vigilant and to conduct field inspection as well as work closely with relevant government machineries, road and drainage maintenance contractors and the private sectors in monitoring and tackling these urgent issues.

She requested DID to impose a strict periodic drainage maintenance schedule and further instructed her technical officer to monitor and witness the drainage maintenance from time to time in ensuring the work is being carried out in a satisfactory manner.

Luvita also proposed immediate assistance to urgent situations such as providing temporary protection canvas for failed slopes, clearing of blocked drainage, cutting and removing of collapsed trees, earth and properties, strutting and supporting of unsafe structure and proving temporary shelters, among others.

She also suggested a "stand by" fund to mitigate the problem of hill slope landslide erosion caused by the heavy rainfall.

"Stern action would be taken against andowners who perform illegal earthwork activity, especially during this rainy season, without getting proper approval from the authority.

"I will be working together with the Public Works Department, DID and Land and Survey Department for a better long-term solution to the existing problem.

"We will continue to do what is necessary to help those who have been impacted by the extraordinary weather event", she said.

Luvita also urged parents to be watchful over their children and not to allow them to play in the flood waters.

She said the public can contact the Penampang District's natural disaster operation room at 088-726054 or the Secretariat at 016-8260273 for assistance or information on any issues relating to the floods.

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