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Who approved this bridge?
Published on: Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Kapayan Assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi Wednesday questioned how the authorities could approve a bridge in Kg Kondudungan that collapsed in the mid-section during torrential rain last Sunday.

Fortunately there were no casualties as the victims could have been easily swept away.

Bosi said he could only conclude that it was due to bad design.

"I noticed the main water pipe was hanging on the railing which was supposed to be holding it.

A nearby resident informed me that the beams holding the railing of the water pipe were quickly erected to prevent the pipe from breaking into two. How was such work approved by the authority?

I hope there will be no cost cutting or shoddy work when undertaking the flood mitigation works" he said in a statement, Wednesday.

"I believe (Penampang District Officer) Luvita will be briefing the Chief Minister on the heavy damages caused by the flood and to impress upon him on the urgency of the flood mitigation work.

I am also hopeful Luvita will be able to help the villagers in Kg Kolopis who are concerned about the Pan Borneo Highway cutting across their village," he said. Luvita was at the site monitoring and assessing the flood with the help of two drones.

Bosi advised the residents to stock up food, drinking water and be ready for possible power failure as the weather forecast for the next few days is gloomy.

He said the heavy persistent rain caused a lot of collateral damage, especially in Penampang.

"The flood in many areas not only cut off the road access but also caused damage to vehicles, shops, houses and appliances. The swollen monsoon drain at Kg Kondudungan also caused the road to collapse cutting off access to Cybercity from Donggongon. The food business is badly affected by the flood," he said.

He said he learned from the Chief Minister that the Government has the allocation to undertake flood mitigation in Penampang.

"I think the government is too slow in undertaking the mitigation work.

"I urge the government to expedite the mitigation work after this flood has subsided and not wait for the next cycle of heavy rain and flooding to occur. The people of Penampang have suffered enough."

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