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Danger lurks as levels rise
Published on: Friday, October 20, 2017

Penampang: The level of swollen rivers due to the intense rain the past few days is posing a grave danger to villagers in places where the water level is almost the same as the road.

A resident drove around Kg Kondundungan, Penampang near SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin school noticed that the river level had risen to an alarming state, rendering it unsafe for anyone to go near it.

A few months ago, some residents spotted a crocodile in the vicinity.

"Hopefully, no children (or adult) would go and do fishing there," he said.

A resident of Kg Rampayan in Manggatal Sharian Hussin lamented the frequent flooding in his village, saying whenever it rains non-stop his house would be hit first along with others.

He said there are about 45 houses in the village and all would be affected.

He added the water is due to the rising of water level at Sungai Rampayan.

"When I see my surrounding, I see much development and good progress being done, but with the frequent flooding in our area, I am saddened with this dilemma. I am hopeless for not able to do much, and just waiting for the water to subside," he sighed. - Lorena Binisol

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