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Showcase of historical records at K'gau Archives
Published on: Friday, October 20, 2017

Keningau: A total of 15,000 documents involving invaluable historical records, including a 72-year-old picture of a surrender ceremony, are being showcased at the Sabah State Archives branch here.

Its head, Alexander Malibin, said the picture showed the commanding officer of the Imperial Japanese Military for the Tenom-Keningau area, Major Gen Akashi, handing over a sword to the Commander of the 24th Infantry Brigade of the Allied Forces Brig Gen S.H.W.C Potter at the surrender ceremony in Beaufort on Sept 17, 1945, about a month after the Japanese Emperor officially announced their defeat in World War Two.

"The remaining records are confidential files which contain documents on the invasion of the Indonesian military during the Confrontation period," he said here.

He said most of the documents which were transferred from 13 government offices, among others, in Keningau, Tambunan, Tenom, Nabawan, Sook, Kemabong and Pagalungan to the archive office were district action meeting minutes, department policies, building plans, personal files, acts and department enactments as well as records of Typhoon Greg which claimed many lives in 1996.

The Keningau Archive which started operations on May 26, 2001, stores public records that possess historical value. The archive is open to the public for reference purpose only.

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