Satellite broadband with no 'blind spot'
Published on: Sunday, October 29, 2017
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Kota Kinabalu: Satellite beamed broadband coverage over Malaysia is available today, even in the most remote and isolated areas and islands, with "no blind spot" or receivership lag as experienced in Astro services during thunderstorms.The management of Lautan Variasi Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian Bumiputera company headquartered in Cyberjaya, revealed to Daily Express that their firm is already in operation, even in Sabah, with clients like government agency SLDB and others and many plantation companies in the rural and remote areas.

"Nowadays mobile communications are an important part of daily life for government agencies or the private sector. Because of this interest in the case of these communications needs, satellite communications still remains the best choice to provide a continuous connection.

"We offer nationwide satellite broadband coverage for our Internet data as well as fast and reliable broadband Internet service to our customers. Our coverage includes all terrestrial, coastal, island and offshore area," said Its Managing Director Syed Nasir Hussin Syed Peer.

So confident is Syed Nasir of his company's expertise using Measat-5 and IPSTAR-1 satellites that his message was "Choose your broadband provider very carefully.""We are on mission to connect the world by making the Internet accessible, affordable and secured to everyone, everywhere and anytime.

We will do this by deploying technologies that overcome the traditional telecom challenges.

We also will advance satellite, wireless, cloud and security technologies that enable us to securely deliver terabytes of data volume in real-time from space," he said.

"A satellite in the geo synchronous orbit can cover around 33 per cent of the earth's surface and can provide connectivity to any region covered by it. A satellite can also focus on a particular high-density region and multiple satellites can work together to provide global coverage. This is very useful for remote locations like rural areas, ships and coastal regions, hills, etc. where there is limited or no terrestrial connectivity.

"In order to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the best quality service using our system, we provide an excellent technical team for you. Our technical support team will always be ready to support whenever you need around the clock. Just give us a call and we will assist you until your problem is solved."

Lautan Variasi is not competing in the urban areas with Telekom or other telcos deep into fibre optic cabling and other mode of telecommunication transmissions, although in future it can bid for telco spectrum and perform as well if not better than the other existing players.

Lautan Variasi is specialising in satellite broadband outreach, especially in rural locations throughout Malaysia, with future market development prospects in areas like Indo China to Timor Leste.

A regional satellite system beams cover 22 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim, with Ku-Band (84 Spot Beams, 3 Shaped Beams, and 7 Regional Broadcast Beams) and Ka-Band (18 Feeder Beams & Gateways).

Incorporated in August 2015, Lautan Variasi claims to offer the cheapest broadband service package price and affordable on the market to all customers via their satellite technology with a variety of service packages to meet the demands and needs of its customers.

Customers simply choose the service package that corresponds to the current needs and financial provisions, and Lautan Variasi is also able to provide customised service packages according to customer requirements, but it is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Lautan Variasi aims to be a leader in providing and offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to entire world, and employing innovative and state-of-the-art technologies to exceed expectations.

It is positioned as a company specialising in the provision of IP telecommunications solutions.

Through strategic alliances with its international principals, the company has evolved to become a specialist in providing sophisticated state-of-the-art All IP based and industry leading telecommunications solutions, including in various projects under Managed Services, Satellite Networks and Mobile Data. - David Thien


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