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VC hopes more will know about US through UMS's AC Corner
Published on: Friday, November 17, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Vice Chancellor Prof. Datuk Dr. D Kamarudin D Mudin hoped through the launching of the American Corner (AC) at UMS, the UMS community will know about the United States, especially its society, culture and values.

"I would therefore, encourage everyone; students, lecturers and staff to attend events organised by the American Corner as I am sure they will be a valuable resource which can help enrich our personal learning and extra resources for teaching, learning, research and publication purposes," he said at the launch, Thursday.

"I am very grateful that the UMS library was chosen to become the first academic library in the country to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the US Embassy, Public Affairs Section, to establish a corner called the American Corner (AC) Sabah.

"I was informed that this corner will house collection such as high quality pictorial books encyclopedia and current American magazines and Journals, and DVDs on American technology.

Kamarudin said he was also informed that the Corner or also known as 'AC' will organise activities which will benefit students.

"The AC will provide facilities such as iPads, iMacs, 30 Printers and more. Let's take this opportunity as one example of investment for the people of Sabah especially for UMS."

Kamarudin also hoped the Embassy will work with UMS to offer engaging and informative programmes at the Corner.

"For example, programmes led by talented Sabahans to offer hands-on experience with the latest technology and to share information about environmental conservation, entrepreneurship, higher education, civil society, and other important topics."

He said since the signing of the MoU between UMS and the US Embassy on Sept 23, various activities have been organised by the Corner.

"Among them were Scuba Diving Programme, Meet and Greet with Band Break of Reality, Depression and Anxiety Talk, Drone Workshop and recently, there was a Breast Cancer Awareness event being held in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Various activities were being organised such as exhibition and examination for Cervical and Breast Cancer.

Bradley said UMS was chosen as an AC partner because it was a great partner.

"UMS has dedicated a lot of support towards the American Corner not only in terms of the physical space allocated but also the wide range of activities available there.

"For us, our relationship with Sabah is important and the American Corner is going to be the centre of our connection with the local community in Sabah."

He added that there are various types of publications such as academic journals, information about US history, current affairs and literature just to name a few available for the public at UMS AC. - Neil Chan

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