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PM should repeat MA63 assurances in P'ment: PAN
Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (PAN) President Datuk Henrynus Amin challenged the State Government to introduce a motion in the State Assembly to give the committee they have formed on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 issue the force of law because what they have now is purely an administrative decision to form a committee. "PAN party feels Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak coming this time to Sabah should have something concrete tangible to give to the people.

"But we see is absolutely nothing…same old story."

So PAN would like the State Government to bring this matter to the State Assembly for debate and empower the committee through the State Assembly. This is the way how to do it. I disagree with some statements that there is no need to go to the state assembly. There is a need. This is a political matter.

PAN's Kapayan Assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi also asked why the Prime Minister had to come to Sabah to speak about MA63.

"Why doesn't he discuss it in Parliament? It would be so much easier for the Prime Minister to instruct Speaker Tan Sri  Pandikar Amin to discuss on MA63 issue.

"This is because Pandikar is saying something contrary to what others are saying and, thus, if there is confusion, it would be so much easier for the Prime Minister to instruct the Speaker to have a discussion in Parliament once and for all about MA63, something not allowed in the past."

Meanwhile Bosi said that 2018 State budget announcement was nothing spectacular.

"It's the same budget year in and out. I was expecting the government to be serious in increasing the revenue and we should be talking of a RM5-6 billion budget, but it's always a RM4 billion budget…there' nothing moving up.

"I feel there are two things the government can do to increase their revenue. One is Crude Palm Oil (CPO).

The problem is that since there is a 30 percent shortage of workers in the industry, if they can increase the workers to 90-95 per cent, the harvest of the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) yield which translates to CPO.

Increasing CPO means increasing sales tax so the government can get more revenue by solving the shortage of workers.

"Second is the sales of lottery. The black market lottery is so strong. According to industry players 60 per cent of their business revenue is taken up by the black markets. So if the black market problem can be solved imagine how much the Government can earn from the lottery.

"Also our revenue can be increased through fisheries products by just making sure the foreign fishermen are stopped from coming to steal our resources.

"These are the three points which can contribute to a budget increase so the next time we just won't see RM4 billion only but maybe an increase to RM5-6 billion." - Neil Chan

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