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Ramlee to file suits against Junz and azis
Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: State Assistant Finance Minister Datuk Ramlee Marahaban will be filing criminal and civil lawsuits against Parti Warisan leaders Junz Wong and Azis Jamman for defamation.

The legal actions will be filed in court by his counsel Marcel Jude Joseph within the next 24 to 48 hours.

"Ramlee recently has been the subject of a certain video and unlawful publications through social media.

This is a very serious matter because it's not just a personal attack against him but also an attack orchestrated against the State Government.

"So, I've been instructed to file relevant court cases within the next 24 to 48 hours," Marcel told reporters at the State Assembly, Monday.

Also present were Ramlee, who is also Bugaya assemblyman and his legal advisor Datuk Ainal Fattah.

Marcel said the civil suit will be filed in the High Court against the defendants to claim damages and to get an injunction from the court to prevent anymore unlawful publications either by the defendants or anyone.

"It's obvious from the publications that the defendants intended to continue publishing so as to make it a huge issue," he said.

He added that the criminal lawsuit will be filed under the Penal Code.

"Normally, the Penal Code doesn't allow an individual to file a case but in this case, it's serious as there was an intention to commit crime by damaging the reputation of a person. Given the urgency of the matter we will take immediate action because the people involved are intent at inflicting maximum damage (to Ramlee)," Marcel explained.

In addition to these actions, he said a criminal complaint will be filed against the defendants to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for unlawful and unauthorised use of drone, allegedly used to take pictures of Ramlee's house.

"This is a serious matter because drones have been used as a weapon by terrorists.

In this case, it was used to invade his (Ramlee's) privacy with the intention to injure his reputation," he said.

He also said that the plaintiff has instructed him to apply orders to have all malicious postings uploaded on Facebook and other social media platforms to be removed.

"We're taking all these actions because we can't allow leaders of our community to be subjected to a trial by the public based on improper facts with the intention to injure our client," said Marcel.

He said he expects the first court hearing within the next 30 days.

He also said during the course of the legal process, more people who were also involved in defaming Ramlee through the publications will also be taken to court for their action.

Pictures of luxury cars and what was reported to be a 'palatial mansion' were published online together with a report of Parti Warisan leaders demanding answers from Ramlee whom they alleged to be the owner.

Following the publications, two police reports had been lodged against the opposition party leaders. - Leonard Alaza

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