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Murder: Bouncer to know Feb 6
Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: A 29-year-old bouncer charged with murdering a teenage boy outside a bar in Asia City, here, last year, will know on Feb 6 next year, on whether he will have to enter his defence or be acquitted.

High Court Judge Datuk Nurchaya Hj Arshad set the date for Mohd Azmin Lidin when the prosecution closed its case on Monday after completing re-examining its 19th witnesses.

The court directed the defence to submit its submission on or before Dec 11 and for the prosecution to submit its reply on or before Jan 1, next year, as well as for the defence to file its reply on or before Jan 9.

Mohd Azmin, 29, is accused of murdering one Yaacob Nasran, 18, between 3.30am and 4.30am on Dec 15, 2016 outside the Siam Thai Bar, Jalan Asia City.

He faces the death penalty if convicted under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

The court also issued a warrant of arrest against one Amirudin Bacho and one Rahman Marsukisyam as applied by Deputy Public Prosecutor Gan Peng Kun.

Earlier, during re-examination by the prosecution, senior investigating officer of the Kota Kinabalu Police Headquarters Assistant Superintendent of Police Khairul Shah Peri explained that there was no findings in the chemist's report on fingerprints on both the samurai swords because the forensic was unable to extract fingerprints from the two swords due to their rough and uneven surface.

Khairul added that the forensic only managed to get DNA swab from the swords.

He said the said chemist's report has no connection with fingerprints examination on both swords.

Khairul added that he did instructed the forensic to get fingerprints from both swords but the forensic could not extract any fingerprint because of the swords' rough and uneven surface.

To a question, Khairul said he disagreed with Mohd Azmin's counsel's suggestion that one Omar was the owner of the two swords because based on his investigation, a sword belonged to Omar was given to Mohd Azmin while the other sword was hold by Omar himself.

To another question, Khairul said he disagreed with the defence counsel's suggestion that one Shahirah had said in a police report that it was one Omar who took out a sword from a white sheath that was tucked in between his shirt and trouser at his waist.

Khairul said there was no white sword but only red and brown sword.

On a question, Khairul explained that when crossed-examined by the defence, he said he was not sure if one Amir given evidence it would be favourable to the defence because Amir did not witness the actual incident and did not see the incident where Mohd Azmin slashed the deceased.

On another question, Khairul said he did retrieve the CCTV recording, which was facing the alley from the Star City building and the entrance to the toilet area.

However, the footage was not clear and could not assist in the investigation as it did not focussed on the actual incident.

He added that the footage only captured the alley and the road area.

Mohd Azmin represented by counsel Dato' Seri Rakhbir Singh, while counsel Mary Gomez is holding a watching for the victim's family. - Jo Ann Mool

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