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School bus fares may increase
Published on: Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Ipoh: The Federation of Malaysian School Bus Operators Associations does not rule out the possibility that bus fares will be raised when the new school term begins next year.

Its president, Mohd Rofik Mohd Yusof, said due to rising operating costs, an increase of RM10 was expected in rural areas while urban folks would have to pay an additional RM20.

"The increase has to be implemented because the bus operators have to bear higher maintenance and repair costs.

"Spare parts costs too have been increasing between 50 and 80 per cent annually and most operators will resort to the fare increase to ease their burden and enable them to continue with the service," he said.

Currently parents in the urban areas are paying about RM80 for the bus fare while those in rural areas pay RM60.

However, Mohd Rofik said before implementing the fare increase, the school bus operators should first discuss the matter with parents to allow them to find other alternatives if they felt the price was too high.

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