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Don't be silent: CM
Published on: Sunday, December 17, 2017

Chief Minister Musa Aman warned Umno members that their reluctance to speak up in defence of the party could cost the Barisan Nasional the election.

"History has shown that slander and defamation are the most effective weapons to defeat an enemy," he said at the launch of the Sabah Umno Social Media convention, Saturday.

Musa, who is also Sabah Umno liaison committee chairman, said Umno was facing an uphill battle in the social media war because its members had chosen to keep silent when the party and its leaders were attacked.

"We in Umno, don't become 'babau' (dumb). Don't be silent when people slander and defame us.

"If we love the party, we defend it. If we love our leaders, our government, we defend them," he said.

He said Umno members had nothing to fear because the Umno-led government, especially in Sabah, had the best track record in serving the people.

He was dismayed by some members who act as if they are ashamed when it comes to speaking up for the party.

"The opposition has a field day, slandering us and accusing us of cheating the people. But this is not true.

We have proof we don't cheat," he said.

The Sabah BN chairman reminded party members that social media was currently the best platform to reach out to voters.

Thus, he said, members, especially those in the Umno IT Bureau, must not only use the platform to help the people but also use positive approaches to leave a significant impact on the minds of social media users.

"In politics, the war is on social media. We must not lose this battle," he said.

He also reminded party members that with the general election approaching, it was crucial for Umno, especially in Sabah, to be ready to respond to any issue raised and to defend the party more effectively.

"We need to tell the people our many success stories to convince them," he said.

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