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Report student misbehaviour via VPS: Cops
Published on: Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Various initiatives by police such as appointing "Pegawai Perhubungan Sekolah (PPS)" or the Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (VPS) application can help instill discipline in schools, said State Community Safety and Crime Prevention Department Head SAC Ahmad Fadzillah Mohamed.

He said PPS were appointed in most schools, especially secondary ones, to aids students in dealing with disciplinary and crime-related problems. PPS visit schools about twice a month to dispense advice, among others.

Fadzillah said they may also give a speech or lectures to advise the students against being involved in untoward situations at an early age.

He also urged the public to make use of the VPS mobile application, which allows them to report any crime or disciplinary-related issues to the police. The application is available for download on smartphones.

"Anyone can register for the VPS application and provide information to the police in the form of images, video or text. The information will be received at the contingent level, in which we will take further action regarding the matter," he said during the Community Safety programme in conjunction with the first day of 2018 school session at the Kota Kinabalu High School (KKHS), Tuesday.

He said the programme aimed to advise the students as to prevent wrongful behaviour and hoped that it will be a guideline for them to be successful in the future.

KKHS principal Lim Lai Hong said the programme also aimed to prevent and overcome crime in the school in cooperation with teachers, police and the community.

She said aside from routine inspections from the police, the school will also be inviting them to give speeches on safety and crime prevention throughout the whole year.

"Joint commitment between all parties is vital as we need to help educate the students so they are not involved in any disciplinary cases.

"So far, the disciplinary situation in the school is under control as we have recorded a low amount of disciplinary or crime-related problems," she said.

Students during the programme also took part in a road safety demonstration to educate themselves on the importance of proper traffic conduct such as safely crossing the road, especially due to the increased traffic in the new school season. - Jegathisan Sivanesan

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