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Muaythai trainers urged to obtain coaching licences
Published on: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Muaythai Association president Nazri Ab Razak has urged more muaythai coaches to obtain coaching licences to cater to the needs of schools in the State.

Citing a recent muaythai programme organised by the association at SMK Pulau Gaya, Nazri said the programme was coordinated by qualified coaches.

"SMK Pulau Gaya is the first school in Sabah which offers muaythai as one of the co-curriculum activities in the school," he said.

"The programme was participated by some 60 students. The programme aims to provide basic muaythai training as well as part of the grass-root level development for the sport."

The association, he said, has always been consistent in its effort to develop grass-root level talents for long-term benefits.

"We (the association) have proven that in 2017, Sabah's athletes have donned the national colours in international competitions, such as in Bangkok and South Korea.

"The achievements of these athletes at an international level is hoped to bring positive impact to the sport," he said.

Meanwhile, SMK Pulau Gaya principal Datin A'zah Ismail and other teachers in the school welcomed the idea of offering muaythai as part of the co-curriculum activities in the school.

The sport, she said, was introduced by State muaythai coach Cyrille Dhillon Tahing to the school last year.

"The school put much emphasis on the involvement of students in sporting activities, such as trail hiking," she said. - Ricardo Unto

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