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Better implementation of projects now in Sabah
Published on: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The implementation of development projects in the State is set to be more well-planned with the establishment of the Joint Highest Committee of Rural and Regional Development Ministry and the State Government for Development Project Planning and Monitoring.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman welcomed the committee as it will facilitate the implementation of future projects.

"Previously, especially during the service of the previous minister, there were no meetings or negotiations held with the State Government on the projects and allocation provided by the Federal Government to the ministry," he said after attending the first meeting of the joint highest committee, here, Monday.

"But the current minister has given the opportunity for the State Government to discuss on the requests of Sabah, especially in the rural areas."

Apart from the joint highest committee, he said, a working highest committee chaired jointly by the State Government and the ministry's chief secretary.

"The working committee will streamline the requests and allocation applied by the State Government from the Federal Government," he said.

Musa said the committee will prevent future projects from facing any problem as previously many development projects were not completed or not well-managed.

"So now, these problems can be tackled easily."

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri said the joint highest committee also aimed to identify projects which should be prioritised.

"It will also monitor the implementation of the projects," he said.

Meanwhile, he disclosed that Sabah received RM927.64 million for development projects, of the RM3.87 billion allocation for the ministry.

"For rural electricity supply, Sabah received RM220 million, while for rural water supply is RM160 million, for rural roads is RM253.5 million, for village roads is RM38 million, and for social amenity is RM6.5 million.

"The allocation provided for Sabah is big, but it is pointless if the development projects were not completed.

"And it is also pointless if the projects implemented are not prioritised projects for the State.

"That is why the joint highest committee was established so that the ministry can get advices from the State Government on these projects.

"The State Government should know better on the needs of the people of Sabah," he said.

Also present were Rural Development Minister Datuk Radin Maleh, and Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad. - Ricardo Unto

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