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High time for Chinese Heritage Museum: MCA
Published on: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: MCA Luyang State Assemblyman Datuk Hiew King Cheu said it is high time the Chinese Heritage Museum is set up because the older Chinese may not be around for long to tell their story contribution to help the development of Sabah.

"Their contribution should not be forgotten," he said and suggested that the burnt down former Land and Survey Department building next to the Chartered Bank, here, is most ideal for the facility.

"This is due to its central location which is of easy reach by the public and the many tourists in town," he said, in a statement.

Hiew said the proposal should be shouldered by the Chinese community via its many associations who are having direct knowledge and records.

"The proposed museum in Kota Kinabalu is important for highlighting and keeping a good record of the struggle and contribution of the Chinese descendants in Sabah.

If this important history which is also an integral part of Sabah history is not recorded and on display, not many people will be able to understand and remember.

He said on the part of the state government, direct sponsorship and financial assistance, and even a piece of land or existing building/property that can be allocated for housing this museum would be most welcome and appreciated.

"The setting up of this museum provides all the Chinese communities the opportunity to gather all the valuable information, old records, the history on events that happened, items of historical value and most important to give them the chance to work and put their heads together to make this a reality and a success," he said.

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