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Labuan fishermen fear livelihood
Published on: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Labuan: Local fishermen fear that the presence of several deep-sea boats close to shore will result in depletion of marine stock and will affect their livelihood.

The fishermen complained to PAS here which confirmed six deep-sea boats off Kampong Layang-Layangan, last Sunday.

"The boats could be photographed by a handphone camera, meaning that they could not be more than five nautical miles away. The boats had been at the spot for about a week and engaging in activities not visible from the shore.

"They could also be spotted from Sungei Labu, Sungei Lada and Pohon Batu," the statement added.

PAS feared their activities could affect the income of local fishermen as well as cause a shortage of fresh fish in Labuan.

PAS noted that not long ago, a fishing boat meant for deep-sea fishing was nabbed 6.5 nautical miles from the coast of Trengganu.

The activity was in violation of the condition of the fishing permit issued to the deep-sea fishing boats.

Boats of such catchery were not allowed to fish close to shore but beyond 12 nautical miles.

PAS urged LKIM and other agencies to investigate. - Sohan Das

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