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Warisan glad for Ambrose's Senatorship
Published on: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Moyog Assemblyman Terrence Siambun said Penampang Umno Division Chief Datuk John Ambrose's swearing in as senator is seen as a swing of power towards Umno in Penampang.

Siambun who is Parti Warisan Sabah Secretary General said it is good, especially coming from Penampang.

"Looks like the power of Barisan Nasional in Penampang is swaying to Umno now, I wonder… looks like… I think Upko is losing grip of Penampang," he said during a media conference here, Wednesday.

"Since Umno is not only bringing in funds to Penampang and now they are awarded a senatorship, hopefully John Ambrose will keep bringing in funds and help Penampang folks.

I hope Ambrose will do better and not repeat what Upko has been promising," he said.

Upko has failed. The people of Penampang decided not to give them a chance in the 13th general election," he added.

The 66-year-old John Ambrose took his oath of office before Dewan Negara president Tan Sri S. A. Vigneswaran in the Dewan Negara, Tuesday.

Ambrose was quoted as saying that his appointment would enable him to help improve the lives of the people in Penampang.

He also expressed his intention to ask for a full-fledged hospital which was promised many times and the upgrading of the police station into a police headquarters for security reasons in addition to bring more development to the district so that job opportunities could be given to the youths.

On another note, Siambun hoped Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's scheduled walkabout to Donggongon Town on Thursday (Jan 18) will be an eye-opener.

"We hope when he do the walkabout he gets to see the standard of our tamu grounds, our Donggongon town and I hope he doesn't miss the potholes… The rubbish they have cleaned up but the smell is still there.

"Perhaps if it rains, he might experience the flash floods which always happens," he said.

"Last year alone, a big flood happened four times, and worst hit areas were Kg Sugud, Kg Kibabaig, Minintod and Kg Kolopis," he said.

He said media reports stated that the flash floods were caused by poor drainage and illegal hill-cutting activities besides that high tide that cause overflow in drains and Moyog River resulting in flash floods in Lido, Kg Ramayah and Kg Nambazan.

"The government allocated RM200 millon for flood mitigation in Moyog. Why is the allocation not used to widen existing drains and install floodgates and pump house in Petagas and Sembulan?

"If floodgates are installed, we can stop sea water from flowing in during high tide, I think this may save us some way," he said.

Siambun also again questioned the delay in constraction of a secondary school, SMK Kipouvo.

"In 2012, Barisan Nasional Government promised a secondary school to be constructed in Upper Moyog.

After two years, there is no works done, questions were raised by Upper Moyog residents.

"No official response was given on the status, and as Moyog Assemblyman I have raised the question during assembly but again no answer."

"We collected over 2,000 signatures for the petition which was then handed over to the Deputy Education Minister during Dewan Rakyat sitting in the parliament in 2015.

"Not long after that, Penampang MP Darell Leiking received a reply from the Ministry stating that they are waiting for the development plan to be approved, and that it will take about six months, now is already 2018 and still nothing.

"Then they announced that the works will be delayed up to September 2017, now is 2018 and yet nothing, they keep promising but nothing happens," he said.

He said the same goes for the promise to build a hospital which.

We collected 3,000 signatures which were handed over to the Health Ministry in Parliament last year," he said. - Sherell Jeffrey

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