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22-strong KDM power bloc mooted
Published on: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: A powerful KDM Momogun bloc in the State Assembly to influence major policy decisions in the future is possible if only KDM (Kadazan Dusun, Murut)voters unite to ensure all 22 KDM Momogun seats are consolidated under one banner.

" This is why Parti Anak Negeri Sabah strongly believe the importance of unity among the leaders of the KDM Momogun communities . I believe that myself together with Datuk Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing and Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan should close ranks and focus on KDM Momogun dominated parliamentary and state seats in the coming general election.

" It is important that our communities especially the KDM Momogun voters find their real home through a strong KDM Momogun political pact , " said PAN 'President Datuk Hendrynus Amin.

Hendrynus said there are 25 KDM Momogun seats comprising 17 Kadazandusun seats, and three Murut areas where opposition KDM Momogun political parties have a realistic chance to win.

"We can reduce the multi-cornered fight in G14 by entering into KDM Momogun political pact".

For Chinese and Muslim dominated areas , he said candidates from Warisan and DAP should be allowed to wrestle against BN candidates .

"Opposition Warisan will make a strong impact in Bajau Suluk areas in eastern part of Sabah and DAP will dominate in areas where Chinese voters are 70pc or more," the President stressed.

On the national level, Hendrynus reiterated that the party is throwing its undivided support to Pakatan Harapan for the betterment of all Malaysians. He admitted that Parti Anak Negeri is still looking for prospect to work closely with other opposition-based KDM Momogun parties to further strengthen the unity among the said communities.

Hendrynus again said that his party is ready to enter into serious talk and expect senior leaders from more established KDM Momogun political parties like PCS to take the leading role.

"Therefore, I once again urge our people to be united and give a chance to Parti Anak Negeri Sabah and those other opposition parties who are sincere in protecting the interest and welfare of KDM Momogun community ," he said.

Hendrynus said Parti Anak Negeri are mostly young, highly qualified people who are sincere in rendering honest and efficient public service. Most of them are below 60 years old," he revealed.

Hendrynus said the five core objectives of Parti Anak Negeri are simple, appeal to common sense or logic, touch the hearts of local sentiments and are achievable.

The political objectives are :
1- We reject divide and rule. We want unity, equal rights and respect for our dignity as Anak Negeri Sabah.

2- We want respect for the principle of freedom of religion based on the assurances of IGC Report, MA63 and the covenant made at Keningau Oathstone.

3- We want government action on the recommendations of the RCI on illegal immigrants and fraudulent ICs.in order to remove the last vestiges of colonial policies in federal state relation.

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