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UCrest teams up with software firm to expand in Russia
Published on: Friday, February 23, 2018

Kuala Lumpur: UCrest Bhd, a mobile health platform developer, is expanding its footprint in Russia by collaborating with YSAR+ Joint Stock Company to integrate its imedic online hospital system with YSAR+'s medical software system.

The ACE Market-listed technology provider said it had inked a cooperation agreement with the Russian software developer for the integration, adding that the resulting integrated hospital information system and electronic medical records (EMR) would eventually be deployed to 42 hospitals in Russia, as well as, YSAR+'s customers in other markets.

"The system will be used for both medical consultation, analysis and prescription both inside and outside of the hospitals," UCrest said in a statement.

UCrest, formerly known as Palette Multimedia Bhd, began rolling out its imedic healthcare cloud system in Malaysia a year ago, starting with HSC Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

YSAR+ is a leading medical software developer and system integrator that provides information technology system to the healthcare industry in Russia, automating the processes and protocols in hospitals.

As a result of this collaboration, imedic will be used not only for doctor-to-patient diagnostics, consultation and prescription, but also for doctor-to-doctor or hospital-to-hospital joint consultation or specialty or sub-specialty consultations.

The doctors and specialists from the participating hospitals would be able to have access of patients' EMR in a connected healthcare network.

According to UCrest, thousands of doctors and patients in the US, Russia, China and other Asian countries use imedic Cloud Hospital. – Bernama

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