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Rural Water Supply Project: 6,500 to gain in Tamparuli
Published on: Friday, February 23, 2018

TAMPARULI: A modification on the Rural Water Supply Project for Kampung Kapa, Kampung Sinalapak and surrounding areas, here, will see a total of more than 6,500 people from 20 villages enjoying treated water in their taps.

Under the original plan, only about 3,000 people in 10 villages along Jalan Tamparuli-Ranau would benefit from the project with an approved budget ceiling of about RM26.3 million.

The 10 villages are Kampung Kapa, Puhus, Koporingan, Minangkob, Togop, Hamad, Tomis Baru, Sinalapak and Kelawat.

The proposed modification to the plan would add another RM16.6 million to the original cost but it would also see more villages benefiting including Kampung Loputung, Ruhiang, Tiong-Tiong, Kitapol, Gayaratau, Bundu Tuhan Bambangan Baru, Parad and Koliposuan in the Tuaran parliamentary constituency.

A meeting chaired by Tuaran MP Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau on Tuesday, here, set the course for a resubmission of the project to the Rural and Regional Ministry.

Held at the sub-district office, here, the district water engineers, stakeholders comprising local community leaders from the villages concerned, Kiulu Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai as well as Tamparuli community development leader Datuk Jahid Jahim and Tangau himself were given a comprehensive briefing including various options by the project consultants.

Although the project had already been approved, further study done by the consultants showed there were other options that would be more efficient than the original plan to bring the water supply from Telibong Water Treatment Plant.

One of hindering factors was the steep terrain whereby at least eight booster pumps needed to be set up along the watermains to compensate for the low water pressure.

The new plan resubmitted to the government proposed a water treatment plant to be built at the catchment area near the top of the hill namely in Kampung Lobong-Lobong where water could then be distributed down to the villages concerned efficiently.

In fact, several other villages at the Kota Belud side also stand to benefit if the proposal is approved.

The project is designed to cater demand for 30 years, which is calculated to be at 4.1 million litres daily (mld) in 2047 compared to 1.469 mld in 2017.

Tangau said all the JKKK chairmen and village heads in the areas concerned were called to attend the briefing to create awareness among them about the latest development of project.

"We also want them to locate the houses, which are far from the watermains since installations of pipes to houses located further from the watermains will incurred cost," he said.

At the same time, Tangau who is Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, said involvement of the village leaders was imperative to ensure maximisation of the project and fully benefit the people.

"We also need to inform the people about the proposed changes to the project," he said.

"The project is significant to ensure the people would enjoy consistent clean water supply in their houses.

"This has always been an issue close to my heart. We have assisted for short term measures.

Now, this proposal will be a comprehensive remedy... am happy for the people."

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