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Sabah women capable of a top two finish: Yamani
Published on: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: State Futsal Committee Chairman Yamani Hafez Musa is confident that the State women futsal team can obtain the top two spot of the National Futsal League 2018.

"The team can even win the league with proper preparation," he said.

He added, Sabah fared well in their friendly match against PDRM as well as the qualification round in January, against Kelantan and MPSJ.

"The matches were beneficial for the team as they had the chance to experience competitive encounters earlier.

"We also did some reshuffling with the women's team by appointing a new line up of officials, including coaching and management.

"To achieve our aim, discipline and the players' welfare will be given much emphasis this season, and I hope this approach will produce positive result.

"This year, we have registered seven players who will also take part in Sukma in Perak.

"It is better to provide an early exposure through training and high level tournament so that they will be more confident and familiar with the atmosphere of actual competitions."

The team is further strengthened by 10 senior players who will encounter Negeri Sembilan and PDRM today (Saturday) and tomorrow, respectively.

Yamani said the team had left for Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

Sabah women futsal team did not take part in the previous season of National Futsal League as a majority of the players were donning the national colours in the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games 2017.

The State's team had to go through a qualification round in January for the National Futsal League, where they won the stage.

The men's team were eliminated in the quarterfinal of the qualification stage where it was taken part by 18 teams – to grab two spots in the National Futsal League.

The women's team is managed by Jaffary Ampil with Rosmadih Wasli at the helm of coaching with the assistance of Herwan Daud, and Muhammad Huzaime Yain.

The players are Masturah Majid, Shereillyn Elly Pius, Jaciah Jamulis, Jaindee Mosroh, Pedroalia Martin Sikayun, Eslilah Esar, Usliza Usman, Fedalliah Claritta Jaimin, Lovella Julia Jelus, A. Nuraziela Ali Jainal, Sarmilla Natasha Jani, Effy Norizan Musinan, Nurhalizah Ahmad, Petreaslea Asun, Asma Junaidi, Clayrisca Edwerd, Juluiana Ferdinand, Tesslonica Angel Stanislaus, and Dadree Rofinus.

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