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Sina: Nasdaq's official vendor
Published on: Thursday, March 08, 2018

Kuala Lumpur: Nasdaq Inc. on Wednesday announced that Sina, an online media company serving China and the global Chinese community, is now an official vendor of Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) and Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS), China.

Sina was the first company in mainland China to provide investors with real-time United States (US) market data from Nasdaq in 2013.

Five years since the first collaboration, usage of the data has grown significantly, both by audience and volume, as Sina continues to help investors to build and protect wealth.

In addition to real-time Nasdaq data feeds provided to downstream firms in China, Sina now offers NSL and the vital indexing GIDS product across all of its platforms.

"Nasdaq has proven to be one of our top resources, providing valuable information to our key demographics.

These investors are looking for accurate, in-depth data, viewed wherever they want and need it," said chief editor of Sina Finance, Li Pai. – Bernama

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