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Sabah farmers told to join Contract Farm programme
Published on: Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) on Wednesday called on farmers in Sabah to join in the Contract Farm programme to further increase the State's vegetable and fruit production.

Its Director-General Datuk Ahmad Ishak said there were various crops with potential which participants could plant to provide the State with more fruit and vegetable supply, as well as increase their income.

"We encourage more farmers to participate in the Contract Farm programme as we can assure them of market for their produce. There are various crops which are in high demand and can be exported, such as the Sabah banana, ginger and papaya," he told reporters at the Asia City Farmers' market, here.

He was at the Farmers' Market in conjunction with the" Jimat Belanja Dapur" programme.

Ahmad said about 5,000 farmers had joined in the Contract Farm programme, involving 10,000 hectares of farm, nationwide.

"About 350,000 metric tonnes of fruits and vegetables, worth about RM700 million, have been produced by the Contract Farm participants," he said, adding that five per cent of the 5,000 participants, so far, are in Sabah.

Ahmad said farmers keen to participate in the programme would be required to register with the relevant agency and had at least two hectares of land.

"Fama will help decide on the suitable crop for them to plant, which will depend on market demand," he added.

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